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HD - Cloud to Cloud Activity - B-Camera of Electrical Storm.

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Wichita - June 15, 2008 Music by: Bill Hooper of CHURN and Michael Curtis of THE VAMPIRE RODENTS. The wife and I had caught a late screening of IRON MAN and were heading home from the Warren Theatres out on the far east side of town. For the duration of the 20+ minute ride home the entire horizon south of Wichita was strobing with the most unusual electrical storm I'd ever seen. For one, the bursts of light were constant, flashing every few seconds if not overlapping in sequences, but there was very little thunder heard. The other thing was that very few lightning bolts were ever seen striking downward to the ground as they would in a normal storm. Instead for the most part they stayed up in the clouds, illuminating them from the inside. When we got home I scrambled for a camera but the only one in the house was a 8 megapixel Fuji Fine-Pix consumer still unit. Thankfully it did have video ability, but as you can see it was pretty low quality - very gainy/grainy. I shot for just over 12 minutes of footage, app. 4 minutes of which I've posted here for your viewing interest. The camera audio was very broken up and pretty much unusable so I've included some music from friends Bill Hooper and Michael Curtis. Now, unbeknownst to me that night, somewhere across town, fellow Vimeo guy Lonnie Quattlebaum was also shooting the same storm. He was using an HV30 so his picture is considerably smoother and nicer, the reason I regard his as the "A" camera footage. When he found out I had also shot the storm he suggested I join Vimeo and post it -- so here you go Lonny. You can see the "A" camera footage here:
vimeo.com/1180422 Thanks for looking! Leif

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