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HD - IMPACT (Full version)

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Published by Smooto in Travel & Places


Impact is a short documentary shot on 16mm film in the wave rich south west of Western Australia. The film captures the beautiful and unique nature of surf discovery in the 1960's when the area was unexplored and therefore unspoiled by human contact. It also follows today’s generation as they chase the best waves on the coast and set a new standard of environmental stewardship and responsible behaviour. This generation have realised that a few adjustments by surfers and the wider community in their usage of the fragile coastal and marine environment will keep this incredible region pristine for future generations. SURF FOR THE FUTURE. MINIMISE YOUR IMPACT. Produced by Emily Hugues Dit Ciles
Directed by Tim Duffy © South West and Peel Coastal Management Group (CoastSWaP) 2008 Partners: Government of Western Australia, Department of Environment and Conservation, South West Development Commission, Department of Fisheries, LotteryWest, South West Catchments Council, Australian Government

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