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HD - Last Day in a Dying City Teaser Trailer

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Last Day in a Dying City Written, Produced, and Directed by: L.H. Maloney Starring:
Christian “Trick Trick” Mathis (Koch National Recording Artist)
Mike Allen ("Darling Nikki", "Diary of a Champion")
Shaun Orr
Jillian Mitchell
Chris “Crisis” Gill (Eyes Open Promotions LLC. / The Curvey Cartel)
Tamer Werfalli ("Crossover" , "Forbidden Fruits")
Big Gov (Black Government Gang / Bungalo / Universal)
Marvin “Marv Won” O’Neal
Kenny "Lock" Lock (DRG)
Wayne A. Bibbs
Billy Whitehouse A crime thriller similar to the movies "Training Day", "The Departed", and "Narc". Tagline:
"In a Dying City, the man with a gun is King” Logline:
A crime thriller about 2 friends who show their recently paroled friend the time of his life. But when one of them is suspected of snitching, their friendship turns fatal. Short Synopsis:
The psychological and analytical criminal standpoints regarding police cooperation are depicted in “Last Day in a Dying City "; a gritty urban thriller about loyalty, betrayal and the thin line between them. The story is set in Detroit, where local police and federal agencies are losing the war against organized crime. At the heart of the "Dying City", is the Johnson Gang, which has run the state's drug trafficking with an iron fist for the last decade. After years of meaningless investigations, the police pressure key figures in the crime syndicate to become state informants. As the conspiracy trial of the gang's leader approaches, three of the lieutenants - Samuel Freeman, Carter Adkins, and Moses Proscer, race to tie up loose ends and "smoke out the rat" before it's too late. As the day progresses and life-changing secrets are revealed, everyone is suspected of "snitching" and nothing is what it seems.

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