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HD - Snakes on an Island

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Published by Smooto in Travel & Places


When a plant or an animal is introduced to a region where the native biota have no evolutionary experience of it - something normally caused by humans transporting them there - it can be difficult to predict what will happen. When the Brown Treesnake - a native of Indonesia, New Guinea, and Australia - hitch-hiked to the Micronesian island of Guam soon after WW2, it proved the start of an ecological disaster. The battle to fight the snake and to prevent it from spreading to other snake-free islands still continues at full force. Meet the culprit, the victims, and discover a few of the things snakes on Guam now have to fear. Be aware that this video may take long to buffer. Pause the player and let it buffer in the background while you work in another window, then watch the video when the buffering is complete.

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