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Our food. Your questions. What are McRib patties made of?

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Published by Ernesto Hernandez in Featured


Is it real pork? Why is it that shape? Some of the biggest questions about our food revolves around the McRib, so Grant Imahara and a McDonald’s skeptic are going to Lopez foods, one of our U.S. pork suppliers, to find answers. Watch to see what goes into a McRib patty. #adHow do you make your McRib sandwich?McD.to/020yespIs your McRib made from real pork? What cuts do you use?McD.to/015yespWhat’s in your McRib patty? McD.to/011yespHow is the McRib patty formed? McD.to/016yespIs the McRib fresh or frozen? McD.to/012yespDoes the McRib use the same plastic that’s in yoga mats?McD.to/013yespWhy isn’t the McRib sold year round? McD.to/014yesp

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