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  • 02:40 Popular HD - Floating Home

    HD - Floating Home

    by Smooto Added 1,084 Views / 0 Likes

    Hello everybody !!! Today I came home from my almost four months stay in Wudang Shan, China. As the airplane approached Paris, the most marvelous cloud scenery unfolded ... and I felt like floating home on clouds :-) I took out my photo camera to share th

  • 02:53 Popular HD - Picturesque Trumbull County

    HD - Picturesque Trumbull County

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    Picturesque Trumbull County is a video pictorial of the wildlife, entertainment, recreation, cityscapes, landmarks, and more that can be found in my homeland of Trumbull County, Ohio ... credits: filmed and edited by Dan Mizicko. All footage in the video

  • 02:05 Popular HD - A Day In Patagonia - The Majesty of Mt. Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre

    HD - A Day In Patagonia - The Majesty of Mt. Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre

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    Footage from a day spent hiking around Mt. Fitz Roy outside of El Chalten in Southern Patagonia, Argentina. Enjoy the incredible beauty of the mountain range, shot during rare and fantastic weather as I explored mountains, rivers, glaciers and incredible

  • 01:17 Popular HD - Lawrence of America: Fashion, New York City

    HD - Lawrence of America: Fashion, New York City

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    Englishman Lawrence Beldon Smythe interviews models backstage at a fashion show and is enlightened by their perceptions of the industry. Lawrence of America airs Tuesdays at 11pm beginning June 3rd on the Travel Channel. travelchannel.com/lawrence

  • 05:04 Popular HD - Italy Is For Everyone - Documentary

    HD - Italy Is For Everyone - Documentary

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    While studying abroad, I filmed the experience with the hopes of attracting others to participate in the program. Part two can be found: vimeo.com/9335633

  • 06:59 Popular HD - Island of flowers

    HD - Island of flowers

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    Film colorization or film colourisation is any process that involves adding color to black and white, sepia or monochrome moving-picture images. The earliest examples date back to the early 20th century, but it has become more practical and more common si

  • 10:56 Popular HD - New Zealand Compilation

    HD - New Zealand Compilation

    by Smooto Added 1,136 Views / 0 Likes

    A compilation of clips from our 2011 trip to New Zealand. Filmed entirely with an iPhone 4. Music by Helios and An American Dollar.

  • 01:30 Popular HD - Seriously Beautiful Cape Town - Timelapses

    HD - Seriously Beautiful Cape Town - Timelapses

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    A preview of a long term project Silver Bullet has embarked on for 2011, showcasing the Mother city in all her glory! We hope to share interesting and special places Cape Town has to offer, some that even the abundance of our tourists have never seen befo

  • 00:43 Popular HD - Introducing... MopShots by Citysearch!

    HD - Introducing... MopShots by Citysearch!

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    Do the ‘90s mean “The Rachel” more than the Clintons to you? Do the ‘70s bring to mind Farrah Hair rather than disco dancing and Huggy Bear? Do mullets, rat tails and the Donald’s comb-over really rankle you? If so, whether you’re a regular girl or a hair

  • 01:19 Popular HD - The Mad King of India - Part 5

    HD - The Mad King of India - Part 5

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    The Mad King is a stranger in a strange land, trapped in an unfriendly and dystopian india between an alien culture and a hateful companion. This part features scenes of actual madness and the dark side of life on the road.

  • 06:16 Popular HD - Passing Afternoon

    HD - Passing Afternoon

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    A leisurely stroll through Southern India. I quickly assembled this a few days after returning from India as a way to show images from my trip. Some of this footage is being used for other films, including an fundraising for an NGO, as well as essay-film



    by Smooto Added 1,196 Views / 0 Likes

    a journey from Sydney to Cairns (and beyond...) recorded between february to may, Australia 2009. concept, camera, editing & music © by Mirko Lalit Egger get the music:soundcloud.com/mirkokosmos/freedom (Sydney, Bondi, Bronte, Tamarama, Byron Bay, Nimbin,