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HD - City Fights Graffiti

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COLUMBUS, Ohio—It’s on businesses, homes and even churches. University District leaders say graffiti plagues their neighborhood. They’re taking the fight against tagging to the next level by teaming up with another community. Clintonville Area Commissioner Dave Southan has led the attack against graffiti in his community. He proposed teaming up with the university district to get rid of graffiti together. Southan has a $1,500 graffiti arrest fund that pays tipsters if a tagger is convicted. If the University District can match the funding, they’ll combine resources. Southan says the fund has been effective so far. Two taggers on Indianola and Oakland Park were recently caught and sentenced. “It gives us more power, and it’s going to let people know that we’re not going to stand for this,“ Southan says. “For me—and for anyone who’s struggling to pay a mortgage—when you come out and see graffiti on the side of your property, on your garage or even on the dumpster behind your house, it’s a real problem,“ says Ian McConnell with the University Area Commission. McConnell also hopes to create micro grants to help residents and business owners pay for graffiti clean up. Both Southan and McConnel say if you come across graffiti, take pictures of it first then get rid of it immediately and be sure to report it to police.

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