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HD - Elsie the Snapper lays another Brood at the Manor

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Video of the 21st annual Snapper egg laying on our property. I went out to work on the pond path and found Elsie next to our front walk. She had just finished laying another clutsh of eggs in the soil next to our walk. The soil was nice and soft due to the ministrations of the voles and moles. I got my camera and got stills of her resting by the walk. Then when I came back she was headed down my path to the pond on a "dash" to the water. she made it and I caught much of in on video clip. Interesting creatures these Chelydra-Serpentia. Supposedly they can reach half way back over their shells to bite an attacker. I didn't check that our. I figured after a night of work laying those eggs that she deserved a rest. That's when I christened our land as Snapping Turtle Manor. She's been sowing her brood on our land ever since we bought it, 21 years ago. So I guess we have a partnership.

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