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HD - James Pearson shows off the all new 2013 Wild Country harness range...

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Wild Country launches it's all new 2013 harness range and in this video James Pearson demonstrates both his climbing prowess and one of the these new models.
Stylish and light, these eight new models are underpinned by a totally new construction that brings together exclusively sourced new materials. Blended by our designers, these fabrics create a robust, slim, laminate centred on our incredible new LST (load spread technology) webbing. Shaped across a range of belts it’s a combination that provides maximum flexibility but minimum weight and bulk.
Striking, original designs, embellished by relevant and practical features, this latest harness range demonstrates our commitment to definitive design. Showcasing a pedigree and attention to detail based on over thirty years experience,there’s a harness here for everyone, for all styles of climbing and all seasons.
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