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HD - Rain City: Initial shooting with the Digital Bolex D-16

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Please go to my blog to download a native shot from this, plus all the ProRes HQ shots used here AND DNG frames from all of them. Also for my initial thoughts on the footage and before you ask...comparisons to any competition:. A few shots done in the absolutely ATROCIOUS weather of New Year's Day to see what this camera looks like outisde. I have been stuck in the edit suite finishing my Sony A7r etc review which is mammoth so haven't been able to go out and shoot much with the DIgital Bolex. Music by Turin Brake "Rain City" from the album "Ether Song" Graded with FilmConvert (10% off with code bloom at and Colorista II (10% off with code bloom10 at after initial raw colour correction in Davinci Resolve. Lenses used were the Fujinon 25mm F0.85 and the Computar 12mm F1.4. Mostly shot at ISO 100 with a few shots at ISO 400 for those really really dark bits. God, it was miserable today!

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