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HD - Teton Weekend

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Here is a short video Robert made of our quick trip to Grand Teton .. the music is original ... written, arranged and composed by our good friend David Michael of Purnima Productions -- ... and performed by him and others from the Port Townsend area .. they all participated in our latest feature .. "The Irate Birdwatcher" -- ... the sweet fiddle is played by the young and extremely talented Miss Katie Dyer .. also of PT (btw this is all protected by copyright laws .. plez respect this and don't copy or use -- thx) A spur of the moment weekend trip a couple of weeks ago .. 2.5 days and 2000 mi on the road -- for just 2.5 days on the trail ... rrrrh. Arriving late in the evening from Seattle .. having to sleep in the car along side the road till sunrise cuz all the campgrounds were full. We grabbed a car campsite 1st thing next morning as some early risers were leaving, got our BC permits to Surprise Lake (recommended by the ranger) for the following day, and set out on an ez day hike in search of the elusive moose in the famed Cascade Canyon. Being in the height of the tourist season (a time we would NEVER EVER normally visit .. but we tired of sleeping on snow in the PNW) total solitude was never afforded .. but we met some nice folks along the way as the crowds thinned the further along we got .. and eventually found one lone bull resting in the shady willows along beautiful Cascade Creek. Next day we rose at dawn, packed up our stuff, stopped on the road to take some sunrise shots of the great grand Tetons and then headed up endless switchbacks traversing slopes dressed with all-too familiar wildflowers and far-reaching views of the sage-filled valley below .. on a long, hot and dry trail to camp high at Surprise Lake ... a bit of a disappointment as we really expected to settle in a secluded granite cirque at the base of Grand Teton .. instead to be tucked away in 1 of 3 designated sites in the forest above the lake at 9600' .. but it was all good .. being just a short jaunt to scenic Amphitheater Lake (9800') where the shoreline is fragile and graced by delicate wetlands, gentle rills and tufts of mountain heather -- best left protected fm the heavy toll of campers feet. However, unbeknownst to us this is also a popular day hike .. I think even among locals ... as it affords a great workout plus awesome views and fields of flowers .. a lot of bang for your buck. Anyhow we spent the afternoon lazing in the sun .. but being a bit bothered by a stream of hikers coming and going we climbed up to a secluded pass above the lake (almost 10K') to wait out their departure and then to return and enjoy the perfect solitude and evening light at the lake. Next morning we rushed back over for sunrise shots .. that weren't particularly inspiring though, then packed up, and headed down .. only to discover we should've been at Surprise (ha the joke was on us!) for the rise .. as it affords a much greater aspect of the Grand Teton .. and the alpenglow would have been sweeter .. but you gotta go with the flow .. ey? .. and learn from your mistakes. Anyhow as we descended we were slowed only by the hordes of friendly Sunday hikers coming up. We enjoyed our stay .. the first of more to come I hope .. but were already homesick by the time we reached the car ... and ready to get back to the great PNW.

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